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Help me!

2008-06-22 14:55:11 by lighteningzero

I'm about to post a new song called "Intermission" about 57 seconds. It loops over and over, then I'm going to post the drums separately, the bass-line separately, and the guitar separately.
If you want to, use the three instrument lines I've given you and make a completely new song out of them.
Then send me a link to it.


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2008-06-25 00:21:30

lol, sorry man... but if you want to get some reactions and have people participate in your "contest". first off you need a better song. what you have is not strong enough, too repetitive and could use far better mastering. now you may say you were leaving room for the people to work with... but you need to excite us with something great first. not just a little loop.