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Next song

2008-08-03 13:49:39 by lighteningzero

Hey guys, for the next song, you have a choice of what you want next:
1. Points of authority (Remix)
2. In the end (Remix)

Help me!

2008-06-22 14:55:11 by lighteningzero

I'm about to post a new song called "Intermission" about 57 seconds. It loops over and over, then I'm going to post the drums separately, the bass-line separately, and the guitar separately.
If you want to, use the three instrument lines I've given you and make a completely new song out of them.
Then send me a link to it.


2008-03-27 23:07:31 by lighteningzero

I got a good report card, and spring break is here. (If I could post a happier emotion I would) expect many new songs!


2008-03-19 23:05:33 by lighteningzero

My thumb's healed and I have no schoolz :D
I'm a happy, happy boy! :D

Dang sprained thumb

2008-03-13 22:42:02 by lighteningzero

My broken thumb's been a real nuisance in my life so far, at school, I can't write. At lunch, I can't eat, at home I can't hold anything! >:( but I'm sure it'll heal soon enough :)


2008-03-12 18:58:25 by lighteningzero

*moaning* I broke my thumb today, so I'm typing with just my left hand. If you wanted to have me uplad another song of "sonic genesis remixed" just PM me.